May 27, 2004

Raising Butterflies - The kids view

We have been raising butterflies for a few weeks now and are getting ready to release them - the kids have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Rhiannon would like to dictate a bit for me to write now:

"I like butterflies. They are my favorite in the whole world. I am raising some today. I decided I really really wanted butterflies to raise and now I am raising them with my whole family. I will let them free today if it does not rain today, maybe. I knew I would like butterflies. I just love them.

Well we had caterpillars - one did not budge - dad thought it was dead - but it was just poop. Then they were cocoons for a whole year I think but mommy says it was just a few days. Then they nibbled a hole and became butterflies. We put them in a big box as soon as they were chrysalis, dad did. Then one hatched and we went out and when we came home they were all hatched. I don't know I like them. What is it about butterflies? I don't know. It just gives me a love inside of me.

I love my Father in heaven - he created these I know it must be true. These painted ladies I love them they are so pretty. I got these for my fourth birthday. I will love them for all my life."

Ciaran had the following to say about butterflies:

"I love this butterflies and the pictures. I love them in the box. I love them in the TV. I love them in the glue. We raised butterflies - we checked in the mail and they were there. The caterpillars turned into butterflies. They were just ready. Daddy took them out and put them in the box then they become butterflies. We fed them with our imagination - we really feed them with water and oranges. Thanksgiving to butterflies."

I tried to dictate as closely as possible - Ciaran needed a little prompting. Rhiannon has a few more things to say:

"I just knew I would love butterflies for all my life. It was so happy - it gave me a sad heart and a happy heart. I had a sad heart but it made me very happy. I knew it would turn out that way. Mom and Dad, Ciaran, Sirah, our dog would know we would all get butterflies. Every day I knew I would love them. There was a loving heart who noticed me and mine and that was the butterflies. It was just love from me - everywhere I know it is true. There there there in my heart there will be a love - I love this name all there is is love. For all I say it is just in me. Thanks to God for giving me the chance to raise the butterflies. It was just my own inside of me. Praising God just like me, all the time - that would be my praise and that is true. All I say is like a bouquet. All I say is true. They are butterflies, butterflies they are, painted ladies are like me. I'll love them and take care of them. I'll never forget this it will always be just like me inside of me. I'll always remember. For all I say it's good for me. It's never stopping in my heart it will always be there. Me and the butterflies will be just the same. I hope nothing will happen to my own butterflies. There's so very pretty I knew they would become painted ladies. So I would just like to o say to my father in heaven the King - I thank you for all you've given me - the chance to raise my own butterflies. You are mine forever sake. For all the days. I thank you for every man. Thanks to God I've praised your name. Forever I will go and go to my King. Forever I will love, I will love you as love, I will know you as my father, as my king. That is why I love my God, so much that he is my God. I know that he is truly love, he has done so many good things to me, I knew it was true, truly I knew it would be. So I got it last in my heart and in my dreams and angel came to pray for me and love me forever,. I will go, go and go and have that dream thanks today I know it is true. My name is good I love my name thanks for giving the painted butterflies a name. So all I say thanks for giving me - this is all I want to say I knew you were going to be in - once I loved forever now now I love you more than ever, it is so good to have you around. For god is there I know it is true. There is one I pray I pray your name - please give me the angel dreams - of you and me thanks for you and guiding me."

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