May 20, 2004

It's All About Outside

May is probably my favorite month of the year. It is usually nice enough to be outside and comfortable in shorts during the day and a light sweatshirt at night. It is excellent bonfire weather, perfect park play weather and hiking weather. In Minnesota atleast the bugs have not hit yet and we can still enjoy the weather before the heat and the bugs. Not to mention my birthday falls in this month (I turn 30 this year) and we usually make our first camping trip of the year.

True to form we have spent nearly all day every day outside whenever possible this week. Sirah and I got our first sunburn of the season unexpectedly and we have enjoyed a variety of parks and playgrounds. We've taken hikes, walks, bike rides and even played in the lakes already (well I did not go in!). It has been so much fun and the beauty of homeschooling. We play when it is nice and work when we tire of being outside or the weather takes a turn.

I've decided to decrease our library books as I have recently realized we have not been able to read them all - I simply want them to be outside playing. As much as I love the summer sometimes it is too hot and the bugs are too much, this is the weather we never want to come inside for (except for the occasional thunderstorm or tornado warning) so I expect blogging will be sporadic in upcoming weeks.

I have gone to a Letter every two weeks as we are spending more time playing and less time on curriculum and I am slowly shifting my focus to preschool for Ciaran and supplementing for Rhiannon. Until recently we had been focused on Rhiannon and adding things for Ciaran. The approach still works nicely for both and I have more ideas and experience as I approach the alphabet for the second time around.

Hope your weather is as nice as ours and that you are enjoying it.


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