May 14, 2004

Joys of Reading

Spending time reading to and with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. We make sure to do a little each day and it is good for all of us. Recently, I have found that if I am feeling very frustrated and upset that reading to my children actually helps by bringing us closer together for some snuggle time and getting lost in a good story. There are so many great children's books and I love entering the worlds of the stories together. We are currently reading Pinocchio and The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh - a chapter a day and that has been so enjoyable for us. We are listening to Peter Pan on audio book and recently finished The Trumpet of the Swan. The kids imaginary play often follows what they are reading in our stories and it is enjoyable to watch.

In addition our weekly library trips and our plethora of books here keep up filled with good children's stories. Yesterday during Ciaran and Sirah's naptime, Rhiannon and I worked on phonics and then she read me two stories while I closed my eyes and relaxed - she asked for help on a few words - it was such a neat feeling to have her reading to me. Of course we ended our time together with me reading to her again. Remember if you read just three storybooks a day by the end of the month you will have read nearly 100 books! Obviously I am talking about shorter storybooks here and not chapter books. But reading a chapter or two a day you can often work through one or two of those in a month, more if you do audio books.

I just love how reading inspires my children and truly brings out their creative sides. It also makes them more curious and helps them learn more. One of my favorite books that expresses the benefits of reading is "The Bee Tree" by Patricia Polacco. It is a fun and good read for children and it shows how the work of reading is worth the reward you receive.


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