May 10, 2004

Fantastic Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day yesterday. It started with getting to sleep in late, a WONDERFUL treat for sleep deprived me! Then I awoke to a wonderful brunch the kids and Serona made me. It was a feast eggs, boca sausage patties, french pancakes, griddlecakes and strawberries with tea and juice. We had a nice relaxing meal together. I received many wonderful presents including 3 books, the Hobbit unabridged audio book and a homemade trivet made from the wine corks we have been saving (it is very beautiful).

Then we headed out for a day spent outdoors. We went to an arboretum and walked the trails and looked at many beautiful things. We spent hours there and the kids did well considering how much walking we did. It was pretty hot in the sun too so we found ourselves focusing on the trails that were in the shade. After we were thoroughly tired we took a drive (since the kids feels asleep immediately in the car) and that was nice - we talked, Serona drove and I was able to crochet some on my current blanket.

Then the weather started to look really ugly and we turned on the radio (we had been listening to Peter Pan unabridged audio tape) and had our suspicions confirmed - there were tornadoes nearby! We headed immediately home and into the basement where we watched "Inside the Whitehouse" documentary until the warnings were all over. Serona, Sirah and I watched (I crocheted some more) and the older kids played nearby. While documentaries usually hold their attention - this one was a little too dry for them.

We finished the evening off with a dinner of cold cereal and a cake to celebrate mother's day. The kids went to bed and Serona, Sirah and I headed to the library where Serona and I had set up our laptops to work on the books we are writing. Then we headed to bed where we both read for a little while. It was a perfect day.


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