May 17, 2004

Driving to S. Dakota

Yesterday was interesting. Serona slept in and then decided to treat the family to brunch at a local restuarant. After that we were in the car and trying to decide what to do. The conversation went something like this:

Serona: What should we do today?
Tenn: I don't know do you have anything in mind?
Serona: What do you think?
Tenn: We could drive to Wisconsin. Rhiannon said she wanted to see the "big woods" of wisconsin after reading a certain Laura Ingalls Wilder book
Serona: Well why not drive west - we've never gone to South Dakota
Tenn: Okay

So we stopped at home to pack a lunch and pick up our dog. Then for some crazy reason (actually no reason at all) we piled in the car and drove to the South Dakota border. We did not really visit anything or do much there - we just drive there. It was crazy and silly and fun (until the end of the drive home when the kids were done).

Serona drove, I sat in the passanger seat and crocheted an entire blanket for Rhiannon and we all listen to the end of Peter Pan unabridged and about half of The Hobbit unabridged. The kids were incredibly good considering we really just drove all day. We got out a few times for running - but mostly we drove as it started to ran about halfway into the drive. Our dog thought we were nuts.

We got into South Dakota and drove for a few miles and talked about how we were in a different state, then we turned around and came home! Our original plan was to eat dinner there but Sirah was asleep and we did not want to risk waking her up and the other two were content listening to the story and did not want to stop.

We arrived home a little after 9pm, had a dinner of Cheerios and headed off to bed. Serona and I looked at each other in bed and laughed and said "What were we thinking?" I still can't tell you. But it was a good time believe it or not (three kids under 5 and a long car drie) but it just convinced us we are not ready for our usual cross country trips to the east coast - those will need to wait atleast another year I think.


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