May 13, 2004


A recent Star Tribune article interviewed families without TV and made some interesting discoveries. "TV-free house isn't such a remote idea" found that "Many TV-free homes contend they have healthier, more open families. Brock said her research, to be detailed in a book tentatively titled "No TV? No Big Deal," concluded that 70 percent of her subjects said they felt their marriages had improved once they threw out the set and that their kids were more likely to do better in school and be more physically fit."

Our own family experience is that TV free is better. I have been almost 12 years TV free and I will never go back. We did decide to have a set in the house for the occasional movie or video game (Serona loves his Xbox) however we do not get ANY stations - nothing more than static - we do not have bunny ears or anything. I do allow the children to watch a movie from time to time and we usually have a family movie night once a week where we watch a documentary or family favorite. However we consider ourselves TV free and I can not tell you much of anything about what is currently on television. My kids are not familiar with many of the popular characters and shows and they don't miss it.

Any of you who read my blog regularly know that we fill in our time in many other ways. Reading is a favorite pastime in our home, listening to classical music and creative play are others. Our family is close and we enjoy having the time together. I firmly believe my marriage is stronger and we have more time for each other and the kids.

I do occasionally miss the convenience of TV when the Olympics comes around and when the President gives a speech. But I can see the speech online and listen on the radio. I would recommend going TV free to anyone - it is easier than you think.

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