May 12, 2004

To be a kid again

Yesterday we met a family at a park for the day and the kids had a blast. It was nice for us mom's too - to be able to chat. But the kids had a great time - they played on the big wooden playground for a long time - had a nice snack and then went over to the water. At first it started with dipping their feet into the water and soon they were all fully in the water! I can't believe how cold they must have been - but they had a great time. The other mom said to me "Oh to be 3 year's old again" as she watched them romping and I felt the same. It was one of the moment's you want to bottle and take out on lousy days. I'm glad they had so much fun and I had a lot of fun watching them and didn't even mind the mess in the car that followed. Guess it is time to keep a bag of towels, change of clothes, bathing suits and sunblock in the trunk for those unexpected moments. Somehow I thought May was too early for this - but the kids sure did not mind the cold.


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