August 29, 2005

Book Review: Hedges

Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough To Protect It - Jerry B Jenkins

This book is well written by Jerry B Jenkins, most well know for his work on the Left Behind series. It is a great read for anyone married and a great book to give to newlyweds or engaged couples. While it is written by a man and for men - there are many valuable lessons for women and wives as well. It would be a good book to read together as a couple and discuss its application in your own relationships.

The book is filled with practical tips, stories, humor and a sobering realistic look at the temptations and difficulties most marriages face. Jenkins puts forth an honest depiction of the subtle ways marriages can be destroyed without placing protections (as calls hedges) in place prior to the temptations.

In his book Jenkins puts forth the philosophy behind having hedges and lists several hedges he and his wife have utilized in their marriage to protect it. Jenkins emphasizes that each couple's hedges may different, the important thing is to think about what hedges you need and then begin planting them.

The author recommends practical things for dealing with members of the opposite sex (other than your spouse) such as never being alone with them, having very limited physical contact with them and watching how you compliment them. Jenkins also provides good suggestions on how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse by reinforcing your vows, sharing your memories and your story with others, and spending quantity of time with your spouse and family.

The book is a quick and fun read with easy and powerful application to everyone’s lives. It would make good recommended reading for newlyweds, engaged couples and those of us married for many years.

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