August 24, 2005

Google Talk Review

Welcome to the land of geekdom here at SCHOOL@HOME. Many of our regular readers know we are techies and geeks. That we are early adopters and love good technology. Okay so no big surprise here, we are also a Google shop. Nearly as soon as google creates something we are trying it out, tonight that is the new Google Talk. We often find Google's product to be superior to any others in each area we test them in.

So tonight Serona is working on his laptop still coding for work at midnight. I am up knitting and surfing. I realize Google Talk has just been released. So of course as soon as the new google talk tool was available we immediately downloaded it, both of us on our laptops and started IMing over the new tool. It is more simplified than MSN is, no winks or emoticons or that sort of thing but it works so nicely with gmail, it will pull up your contact list. It is a clean and easy to use interface. Also if you have a gmail account it is really quick to setup, I mean really fast.

The google talk service also offers the ability to have voice conversations as well as text instant messanging. Since we were both sitting in the same room in order to try out the phone aspect of this I had to go to the other room. It works really well and I could hear Serona clearly. I do not have an internal mike in my computer but I could listen to him and then type my answers. I have decided to buy a headset to go along with this new technology.

For internet phone the quality is absolutely excellent so far. I recommend you try it. So far the quality is as good as a phone call and it is free. Plus you can also use the instant messanger features. I will be recommending this to friends and family and hopefully transfer people over to it from MSN and AOL. Overall my immediate reaction and review of google talk is a positive one. Definately worth checking out, especially if you are like us a google shop already.

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