June 14, 2007

Summer Rhythms

Summer takes on a whole different rhythm here as we all slow down some. Our summer has been a bit different this year but it is still filled with water and ice cream which seem to be the two main ingredients to a great summer day for our kids. If they can spend time in water at a pool, beach, sprinkler, slip n slide, just under the hose, or flooding our entire playground they are content.

The other thing that brings great joy in the sheer increase in their ice cream and for us more usually custard intake. Several times a week it seems lately they have been enjoying that with glee. The eat so little of it through the rest of the year that I have no hesitation increasing it now, especially as they run, bike, swim and just move all the time.

Those push up ice pops - you know the kind kids sell for .25 and every mom is fully stocked - basically colored sugar water - what would summer be without them? Lemonade, moths, frogs, caterpillars, pools, barefeet, swings. Those are the words that make up our summer days right now. What great words? And my favorite (yes even during these 90 degree days) sunshine!!!! I will take it in abundance now and treasure the sun for as long as it shines here.

Hope you are enjoying your summer as well.

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