June 1, 2007

Second Grade Review

Well it is that time of year to review the resources we used this year for 2nd grade. Some of them are repeat resources from last year and others are brand new. I was surprised by a few things that I thought I would love that I did not and then a few things that I was pleasantly surprised with. I have decided rather than a single long post I will review each in its own post with links here (as I finish them).

Miquon Math blue book
Singapore Math 2A and 2B
First Language Lessons
Explode the Code 3 and 4
Handwriting Without Tears
Story of the World Vol 1.
Story of the World Vol 2.
Exploring Creation through Botany
Day by Day Bible and Devotional
Drawing with Children
Online Spelling Lists
Reading List

We had other resources we pulled from and used off and on but these were our main spines for the year and the resources I feel are worth reviewing from our work this year. Check back over the next few weeks as I update and complete each resources review. Of course these reviews are personal and biased based on what I liked and did not like for our family, they may not apply that much to you or your family. If you have any particular questions about a particular resource I am more than happy to answer email.

Also if you are a publisher or curriculum provider and would like me to review a book or material for you, please send me an email to tenniel.at.gmail.com.

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