June 30, 2007

We are Home

We are home after a wonderful magical trip to Dublin! We had a fantastic time - over the next week or so I plan to write more details from our trip because I like to keep them here. But now I am enjoying the family and being reunited with our kids and our home and good food.

One thing is for sure, as wonderful as our trip was you definately do not go to Ireland for the weather or the food (at least if you are vegetarian like us) so we are enjoying having good food and especially being back with our kids. Also the weather here right now is beautiful high 70's low 80's and abundant sunshine with blue skies!

The kids had a great time with their grandparents who did a great job and managed to still look like they were surviving the loud chaos of our home well. They have returned to Maine safely and we are enjoying being a family together.


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  1. What? Cabbage and potatoes didn't do it for you, huh?