May 30, 2007

Customer Service

I just finished a post about my great experience with T-Mobile Customer Service and it inspired me to share a post about my favorite places for customer service. Places that have earned my loyalty and my kudos and recommendation and the list is short.

1. LL Bean
Their products are superior, reasonably priced and they stand behind them, period. WE have only had to make one exchange and the new one was on its way to me before the old one was sent back, I received it within days - which was great since it was a winter coat for one of my children in the middle of a Minnesota January! They stand by their products without question, are wonderful on the phone and the quality can't be beat.

2. Lands End
Ditto on just about everything I said above. I am partial to LL beans products but Lands End is a very close second in my book and their customer service is also great.

3. Hammacher Schlemmer
This is the company we purchased Roomba from and I would not purchase a Roomba from anyone else. Their customer service, and return policy is not to be beaten. Because of this they have earned my loyalty when I need an item they have. They typically sell higher end and unusual items and they can be a bit overpriced but in my experience while the price tag may seem initially high the overall service and support you receive make those extra dollars much more valuable then what you can save elsewhere.

4. T-Mobile
Clearly commited to customer service. A joy to talk to and this is saying a lot in current telecommunications and computer trends who are outsourcing all help desk and customer service and frustrating many customers in the process. You can read about my experience with T-Mobile here.

5. Netflix
They almost did not make my list because we have received many scratched movies from them and that frustrates me. However, this is more the customers than the company, as individuals do not take care of the DVD's. Netflix will send an immediate replacement DVD and it does not take an extra slot in your queue. Also the brilliance of no late fees and all shipping paid is worth more than I can say. I have only ever dealt with email and online customer service but have been please with it.

I can honestly say in my experience that is it. But I am a tough sell. Anyone else have companies they think provide exceptional and noteworthy customer service? I am always looking for someone else to be loyal to who will treat us well.


  1. We've had awesome service with Netflix, for two years now. Must be a couple hundred movies in that time, but only one that was unplayable. Funny, looking back through our account, I see that the very first movie we rented was Napoleon Dynamite, which I ended up buying and re-watched last night. Weird.

    I like the new Netflix "Watch It Now" feature, as well. We've already used it several times for History Channel documentaries for my son.

  2. I also have to say I am impressed with Netflix. I've been a member for several years and have never received an unplayable DVD. I did, however, receive the wrong DVD recently. (The envelope was right. The DVD itself was wrong.) I called and they were not only helpful, they were down-right friendly! They sent me the right one immediately.

  3. They did make my list as we love the service. We too really enjoy the Watch Now feature as well. But we have gotten several scratched, skipping and unplayable discs over the years - guess we are the lucky ones :) Still with the number of cd's we get in a year for the cost and more importantly convenience I am not complaining.