May 16, 2007

Locks of Love

Today Rhiannon donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love which provide real hair wigs for children who need them. These pictures are from the receipient gallery of the website.

Rhia had been thinking about it for awhile and today made the final decision to do it. There were a few tears this morning but we encouraged her that we supported whichever decision she made and this was completely her decision to make. She decided to do it and was happy with her decision.

Outside of the salon the kids and I gathered together and prayed for Rhiannon and prayed over her hair that it would bless the child who received the wig from her hair. It was a lovely prayer all of us together and then we went inside and took pictures through the whole proccess.

Rhia thankfully loves her haircut. So not only did she do something to help out a fellow child but she enjoyed the way it turned out. She is thankful that her hair will be less knotty, easier to care for and cooler for the summer as well. I was very proud of her. This decision was made entirely on her own and while she had some concerns about cutting her hair and how it would turn out she really wanted to do it to serve someone else and decided to and feels great about the result.

It is always encouraging when kids find ways to serve others themselves.


  1. What a great gift to give to someone else. She is such a beautiful young woman with short or long hair and a blessing to be related to. Just another reson she is Grandpa's little Angel.

    Family Forever

  2. You know, it's wonderful she did this. My 7 year old talked about doing this when a friend of hers did it and earned a patch for scouts. But, in the end she decided she'd like to keep her hair long. You must really be proud of your daughter!


  3. What a wonderful sacrifice! My husband just donated 16 inches of hair a few months ago after his Mom passed away from cancer. Please let your daughter know what a beautiful gift she is giving not just to the person who receives her lovely locks but also to those who read about her sacrifice.
    God Bless and keep up the good work!