May 11, 2007

Bless Her Heart

Precious Sirah. She is three years old and can alternate between being shy and a chatterbox. Today while serving at Feed My Starving Children she worked hard and did a great job with her task. We work for about an hour and half straight and she did a great job. When it was all done we decided to pray over the boxes that are going to the children. The woman who runs the operation asked for a volunteer to pray, I am guessing there were about 20 of us parents and children of all ages. Sirah spoke up that she wanted to pray. You could see the woman looking around to see where the voice came from and the surprise at the realization. Still it was Sirah who prayed.

It was a sweet and tender and heartfelt prayer and appropriate. She may not have said everything an adult would have but she had the tender heart of a child as she asked God to protect the boxes and thanked him. It was a touching moment and one of those times I am so thankful to be able to serve others side by side with my children even when they are very young. It is a joy to serve with my own children, their friends, and parents as we all work side by side. Watching Sirah and an 11 year old boy packing boxes together and watching her with another 10 year old boy who offered to help her sweep. Seeing Ciaran and a teenage girl working side by side and listening to little Sirah's prayers, what a day. I walked out with a tear in my eye and joy in my heart, and the knowledge that today we helped 23 children have food for a year.

Take opportunities to serve with your children. What a great way to grow closer to each other as well and continue to be surprised by them every day.


  1. What a great blog this was to read. I am so proud to be a part of this family and love you all so much.

    Family Forever

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    First of all, hello! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks. I am enjoying getting to know you this way! Second, as one of the participants at FMSC that day, I must say that your daughter touched my heart deeply. Such tenderness and innocence! It was incredibly sweet and I had tears rolling down my face when she finished her prayer. All those grownups and older children standing around the boxes hesitating and afraid to speak up and your sweet little 3 year old says "I'll pray." It's a moment I will always treasure.