May 20, 2007

Alexandria Library

Another one for the "One never knows what this crazy clan will do"...This morning we were headed to church and after a series of events realized we would be quite late - we were on the road there and realized it would be nearly halfway over before we arrived so we made the decision to keep driving and have a family service.

Rhiannon read from her bible and we took a Psalm of the bible apart verse by verse and talked about it, which was wonderful and useful. Then we played and sang praise songs as we drove on. We just kept driving and driving with no real purpose in mind, a rather often habit of ours. After a few hours Serona saw a sign for Alexandria and decided we should go to the library at Alexandria to say we had been there. We talked about the great library and what happened to it.

To my surprise Rhiannon remembered quite a bit about it and was wondering how we would drive there without a boat and wouldn't it take quite long to get to Africa? Then when she realized what we were doing she added "Wouldn't it technically be lying to say we had been to the library at Alexandria when in fact we had not?" We continued on and had some purpose in mind now (even if it was random to begin with). We arrived, took photos and discovered it was closed so we headed home.

On the way home we stopped at a store and let each child pick out one item to eat and share with the family for the drive home and it would constitute lunch (loosely defined I guess). We ended up with rolls and cheese, pretzels, Cheetos, powdered donuts and chocolate pop tarts along. We picked up Gatorade and some coloring books for the kids, a new Casting Crowns cd to listen to and headed back into the car for a peaceful and enjoyable long car ride home.

We had a great Sunday even as we redefine the meaning of Sunday drive with a roundtrip 7 hour car excursion to see the library at Alexandria - which became our destination by random association. What did you do with your Sunday?

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