May 6, 2007

Finishing Up

Well it is May in Minnesota and one of the best months. Not just because of Mother's Day and my birthday but because May sees some of the best weather in this state. Perfect outdoors weather without the bugs and heat! Time to be outside hiking, biking and enjoying outdoor life. It is also the time we try to finish off school.

This year my target end of year date was May 18th but if we work hard it looks like we will finish up our main book work by this Friday the 11th! YAY!!!! Giving us a full 3 glorious weeks of May to enjoy being outside and having fun before the other students get out in the first or secod week of June. The kids are motivated and while our schedule is full it is not overly demanding or intense - with the possible exception of our remaining Botany work.

Needless to say blogging will be light this week as we focus on finishing up our time. Will post a full review of the year sometime in the next few weeks - probably on a rainy day when I am not catching up with housework.

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