May 16, 2007

Care Package for Soldiers

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Today the kids and I put together a care package for a soldier from our church. One of the Sunday school classes at church has been sending bi-weekly packages to two soldiers from our class, one a member and one the brother of a member, and today was our turn.

The kids and I enjoyed shopping together and working off the list we were given. The kids colored pictures and made a comic strip and paper airplane for them as well. I am working on a cd and a collage of pictures of the kids as we gathered items for the box. It was a really nice time together as a family and provided good opportunity for us to talk a bit about what the soldiers are doing and why. We talked about why they might want the things on the list and what other ideas they had to help the soldiers. We talked about what the climate was like in Iraq and why things like a glow in the dark Frisbee were important (because it is generally too hot to do anything before it is dark). I let the kids read and pick the items they wanted off the list.

This is an easy service project to do with your family and to bless someone who is fighting for you, irregardless of your political beliefs or position on the troops being in Iraq or wherever you choose to send.

We had a particular soldier to send to but there are many soldiers who do not receive care packages and you can link up with them through the Any Soldier website. Here you can get lists of what the soldiers need and a list of soldiers to send packages to with the confidence that your package will be passed on to those in need of some care from back home.

The items our family chose to send to our soldier were:
o Ziplock Baggies (qt. & gal. Zip lock)
o Small envelopes, pens
o CD's,
o Chapstick
o Crystal Light, (individual packets only)
o Card's (Thank you, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)
o Frisbee that lights up when thrown
o Hot Chocolate, Cider or hot soup mix (individual packets only)
o Chips (single servings and Pringles is best)
o Candy, anything that will not melt
o Microwave popcorn
o Sunflower seeds
o Gum
o Band Aids, all sizes
o Q-tips
o Glide dental floss
o Altoids
o Books and magazines
o Pictures that kids have drawn and colored, written letter and picture collage (I took pictures of the kids as they colored and purchased items to make into a photo collage).

You could include so many different things, tailoring your items to the soldiers needs or being a generalist of items they usually need. The post office provides a free box and shipping is a flat fee for the box no matter how heavy of just under 9.00. You could do this as frequently as you want or even just once.

Another thing we do to bless our soldiers is when we see them in uniform in our country at a store or gas station we will offer to purchase their gas or items as a thank you for their service for us and our country. We have had mixed reactions to this, never negative though. Some do not want to accept as they feel they are just doing their job and do not need the extra thanks and others are glad to accept and are clearly touched by the offer.

We want to teach our kids to value those who serve for us, especially those willing to risk their lives for our country and to protect us here. Showing respect and simple thanks is important and if we can help out in other small ways we are happy to do so. Take a moment to consider if sending a care package or acknowledging a soldier is something you and your family might want to do. If so take the time to contact your church to find out about a soldier who might need help, or a soldiers family back here while they are serving away, or just click on through.

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this. Not only is it great to know how to find a soldier but to also get a great list of things to put in the care package.

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    If you do choose to blog about Maya & Miguel show or episodes on the DVD, please make it clear how you received the information. Our goal is to be open and honest with everyone we reach.

    Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth