May 22, 2007

Appreciating Trees

This year Rhiannon studied Botany all year. At first I was not too sure and at times I did not think any of us could take learning any more about plants. We even registered for a series of classes at the arboretum. We had a great time learning about plants and I have a whole new appreciation especially for trees. Learning how to identify trees, learning about their structure and all the different parts has given us all a new appreication for trees.

Rhia will mention the inner bark or the heartwood of a tree on a walk when she notices it or we discuss the leaf arrangement of a particular tree. We compare different trees and really enjoy collecting leaves and comparing them, as well as sketching the different trees. It was a good year of science and we all enjoyed it. Though we did supplement with a few other things as I could not bring myself to just study Botany, though that was by far the majority of what we did.

I have also noticed how much trees calm me. As I drive and the kids are fighting or squabbling in the back and I feel my blood pressure rising I have taken to looking at the trees and thinking about them, to see the calming shades of green and think how peaceful they are and how much trees bless our lives and how plentiful they are here and now.

I have always loved trees and hiking and I think it no coincidence that so much of our world is blue and green which are such soothing colors for our eyes and spirits. I love that for mothers day this year we have planted trees. We are very interested in our tree field guide this year as well. Enjoy trees and learn a bit more about them, you may find it more interesting than you thought it could be, I know I did.

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