May 25, 2007

30 Year Anniversary

The movie has been out for 30 years today. I can't say I recall anything from its release as I was just 2 years old. Now being the oldest with three younger brothers I am sure Star Wars crossed my path somewhere along the way but I do not recall it. For me the world of Star Wars came much later in life, when I met Serona. So for me this is my 12 year anniversary or so.

You might never know that if you came to our home and spent any time here, you would likely assume that it has been a lifelong passion of ours. I suppose it has been part of our family since the beginning. You see I had a very clear and easy choice to make when I got married. I could either embrace Star Wars or hate it for the rest of my life. I chose wisely.

How could you tell this? Well it might be the decorations in our family room, wall to wall star wars posters, it might be in the replica lightsabers that many come over to play with, it might be the many star wars toys my son plays with, the several collections of star wars dvds and cds on our shelf (yes I believe we own every version), perhaps it is the collectors Star wars figures that hang up as decoration in my master bedroom, or the two huge tubs of Star Wars toys and collectables that no one is allowed to touch. It could be the entire 4 shelves of bookshelf space dedicated to Star Wars novels.

Really though I think there is no doubt anymore when you see the photos. There is no hiding from fandom when you see our entire clan outfitted in hand sewn authentic costumes made by Serona. When you see us in front of an Xwing taken on our Walt Disney World vacation (yes of course we went Star Wars weekend) or the family portrait taken the night of the opening of Episode 3. But in case there is any doubt there is undeniable proof of pictures of our daughter on the star wars website, images of our family caught in star wars documentaries and the numerous news clips we have been part of at conventions and opening nights.

So now you know our dark side, we are deep star wars fans. Tonight we will be have a home screening of A New Hope, possibly with our neighbors, which version we are watching I do not know yet - that is Serona's call. So yes we are celebrating a movie that came out when I was 2 years old but it has become a large part of our lives. I am thankful that I have embraced Star Wars, it is a part of who we are, and a fun part at that. We enjoy it and over the years I can almost compete with Serona at Star Wars trivia pursuit. Note: I said compete - not beat - and he still has to answer an entire card to win the game and I still lose, but at least I get some chips now.

Amazing to me that a simple movie has touched so many lives and affected so many people in the ways that it has. Of course it is a saga and more than a movie to many people, for us it is good family fun and a way to pass on part of Serona's childhood to our children and to have good family fun together. If you have never seen the movies why not start with one tonight.


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  1. From one Star Wars Junkie family to the next, Howdy! ;) My husband is a marathon Star Wars watcher. My son has all those DK Encyclopedia books and knows more about fictional planets and weapons than real life stuff. ;) Much to my chagrin, of course! I am outnumbered in this house. The only one who is not obsessed. ;) I do like Star Wars, though. My favorite episode is the one where they do the pod-racing. I love that under water Gungan world and all of the queen's groovy wardrobe.