May 30, 2007

Kudos T-Mobile!

I do not work for them or in any way (other than being a customer) am I affiliated with them. I just am actually pleased with them as they did something nice for me. For almost a year now I have been using a Blackberry 7105 and have enjoyed it. A few months ago I started having some problems with the trackball jamming up - I called customer service prepared to have the rep not understand me or not be very helpful. I was pleasantly suprised.

Not only was my rep extremely useful but offered to replace my phone free of charge because it was within the year warranty. However, they no longer carry the model of my phone so instead they sent me a Blackberry Pearl free of charge. This is a sweet phone and truly a wonderful upgrade! The people at T-Mobile made my day.

The new phone arrived today and I was having a hard time moving all my data from one phone to the next. I called customer service and again I had a wonderful representative who took 40 minutes to walk me through everything and make sure it worked the way I needed it to. She was patient with my questions and with the choas of small children who were annoyed mom was on the phone for 40 minutes in the middle of the day.

This evening I realized the browser function was not on my phone. I called back and spoke with another helpful representative who took time, was very pleasant and got my problem solved quickly and asked to help with any other questions he could.

I must say I am impressed with T-Mobile's customer service and return/warranty policy. They scored some loyalty points with me today, unlike Verizon who had terrible customer service and has lost me as a customer forever because of it.

Customer Service is essential and important to me and today I was very pleased. We live in a world where customer service and support and less and less valued and the consumer is more and more frustrated. I made sure to take the time to speak with supervisors after my phone calls with support to complement the individual, those who train them and the company as a whole for what is an apparent effort in the area of customer service. T-Mobile is doing something right, and not just because they upgraded my phone but more importantly because they hire good reps, train them well and put a focus on pleasing the customer. I have spoken with enough reps in the past few weeks to know it is a trend within the company and not just the individual rep I spoke with at the time (though they were all excellent).

Now I get to enjoy a wonderful new phone with camera, music, email and everything all together. I will let you know how it is after I have been using it for awhile, so far it simply appears fantastic. I love the voice command function and the track ball is really nice, while I keep trying to use my side track wheel I think in no time I will transition to enjoy the ball more. The phone is slim and light and more powerful than the other. I am glad Serona turned me to Blackberry - I was at first resistant but I am no longer. I like having all my contacts, calendar, email, web browser right there I must admit. Better yet it is all for personal use as I do not have any job sending me emails on it - so when I get mail I actually want to read it, unlike so many who use it for work. YAY! Off to play...

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