May 8, 2007

Are we Too Strict?

I would say on average our kids probably do less chores than most of the kids I know. One of the few things we make them do each day is make their beds. Recently the girls have taken to sleeping on top of their quilts and refusing to go under their quilts or sheets when they sleep. They each keep a throw fleece blanket on their bed that they use. So they sleep on top of their "made bed" never using their sheets or quilt and have their little blanket if they are cold. When I asked them why they were doing this it is because they no longer have to make their beds. So there you have it, well it is their bed they've made, let them lie in it I guess.


  1. Cheryl12:27 AM

    This made me laugh! My kids had tried this too, but I made them get under the covers...hmmm, maybe I should have let them be. It's so fun to watch how they develop their logic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Like daughter...when you were little you did the same thing as not to make your bed or change your sheets...must be an inherited Mom