March 30, 2008

Wii Wish You a Happy Birthday

Ciaran turned seven and he played 5 hours and 35 minutes of Wii. His birthday wish was to play video games all day and he came pretty close. Of course he also wanted birthday dinner, cake and presents which took away from his Wii time. As we moved through the day I thought to myself "this seems familiar". Well you know how some kids love repetition?

For their birthday the kids get to choose their birthday dinner, cake and what they would like to do that day. This year Ciaran wanted to have a fruit salad and nice cheeses for dinner. He choose watermelon, pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, pears, apples, nectarine, melon and grapes. For the cheese he wanted Prima Donna Gouda, swiss and muenster. For dessert he wanted a half chocolate, half vanilla Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle cake. Here is a link to his 6th birthday summary.

For what he wanted to do he was limited this year both by the snow and the fact that we are all recovering from being ill for a solid week. So he chose playing Wii all day. We happily obliged and realized in many ways it was a repeat of last year. It was a great day and exactly what he wanted which always makes us happy when they feel that way at the end of their special day.

For his gift this year Serona and I splurged on a nice bike complete with gears. He has been eying bicycles every store we go to. Serona stopped at the bike shop on the way home (he had a bike on layaway) and told Ciaran he had to pick up some new tires he was getting - which Ciaran thought meant for dad's bike. He wanted to go in and look at the bikes but Serona said "No, you wait in the car". Clearly disappointed and perhaps a little surprised to be told no he waited. Serona came out carrying a pair of tires and returned to the car. A few moments later a shop worker came out carrying his new bike and put it in the car. Ciaran was very surprised and very excited. When we arrived home he immediately rode around the neighborhood, snow and all to try out the new bike with gears and hand brakes. He seemed to get the hang of it right away.

Now we just need the snow to melt and no more snowstorms until next November (okay October) - am I asking too much?

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