March 31, 2008

Sirah Milestone

Tonight after dinner we were all sitting around the table drinking tea and listening to Serona read Red Planet by Robert Heinlein. Sirah picked up a pen and piece of paper and starting writing. At first she was just drawing and then she was writing her name. Then she said to us I think I know how to spell your name mom. She wrote MOM on her paper spelled correctly and neatly with no prompting. Then she went on to write the names of each member of our family asking for help with spelling now and then. I was really proud of her. Serona and I kind of looked at one another in surprise and praised her.

Sirah has shown little interest in writing or reading as of late. She has practiced writing her letters on a wipe board now and then and has been writing her name for awhile. We really had no idea that she could write all the letters from her head and sound out and spell mom (which I grant you is an easy word) so it was really fun to see that. At this age we take a "as it comes" approach to school. We basically read to them as much as we can and whenever they want and then as they show interest we work on letters, math concepts or whatever they are interested in. It is always exciting when they show some new piece of knowledge or interest you had no idea they had.

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  1. I knew that she would be doing it soon after you said that she wanted her own library card and we know how determined she can be when she puts her mind to it...she will be like you were at her age and pick up a book and read aloud and you will be amazed that she can do it....such a milestone...give her a hug and a kiss from grandma and tell her great job...