May 9, 2008

Sirah rides a two wheeler!

Sirah learned to ride her two wheeler proficiently this summer! At the end of fall she practiced a few times with Serona but never got fully comfortable. This summer it only took one session before she was riding like a champ with complete confidence! She is whenever and wherever we let her now. It is such a freedom to her - I imagine it is like learning to drive a car and get your license for a teenager. Serona took all the kids on an extensive bike ride on trails and through streets in our neighborhood and she was riding right along with them, at a slower pace of course.

Then just this week one of her little friends who is a year older than her watched Sirah ride her bike and was surprised she could and she wanted to learn to ride one as well. Sirah lent her the bike and by the end of the day this girl had learned how to ride a two wheeler as well. The excitement in their faces was great to watch.

I am still amazed that all three of the kids learned to ride two wheelers when they were four years old! I think I was nine when I learned to ride a bike - how much easier for them now. They are so confident and sure of themselves.

I am not really involved with teaching them to ride their bikes, Serona takes care of that. His one rule - NO TRAINING WHEELS EVER! I have to say that was a hard one for me to swallow when they were three and I watched these kids get to move to a two wheeler with trainers and ours were still riding their trikes. It was important Serona said so they never learned to rely on the training wheels and then they really WANT to learn to ride a two wheeler and it is easier to teach them balance. I conceded because I did not really want to run behind a bicycle and be the one to make them get right back up and start again when they got hurt. So no training wheels and three kids who learned to ride their two wheelers proficiently at age 4. I'm glad I listened to him and thankful they all know how to ride now.

Rhiannon and Ciaran would like to do a 15 mile family bike ride by the end of the summer around the lakes. We will see if I recover and if they really can make that. We certainly wouldn't have Sirah peddling for 15 miles though :)

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