May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Last year I took some time to reflect on my mother and my other mothers. I don't think I can match the work I put into that right now so please take a moment to read those if you never have. Or if you are one of my mothers please reread that and know how much I love and appreciate you!

My table is full of flowers, my heart is full of joy and my children are being unusually cooperative and calm (of course it is only 7:45am), even the sun is shining in Minnesota and there are no signs of snow! What a perfect start to my day.

We do not get the blessing of seeing any of our mothers and grandmothers today as they live in New York, Maine, Illinois and Florida and we live in Minnesota. Still we will call and we will talk and we will try to bless from a distance. We reflect on them and all they do for us and how much they love us.

Enjoy your mother today, bless her in a special way. Enjoy your children and the privilege you have of being their mother. Realize there is beauty in simplicity and love in the gift giver. My children color me cards, draw me pictures, pick me flowers, find the prettiest rock. They give me more hugs and kisses, they try harder to not fight with their brother and sister. They simply want to share their love with me and I am so very grateful and thankful for that.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Have a happy Mothers Day

    Family Forever

  2. Happy belated Mother's Day to you, Tenn! :) I hope you had a wonderful day. My mother lives in PA, so we talked with her and my grandmother on the phone as well.
    I'm from MN too... where did that warm weather run off to?? I wish it would come back.