May 9, 2008

Locks of Love

Sweet Sirah has been growing her hair out for nearly a year now with the entire intention being to donate it to Locks of Love. Last year Rhiannon donated her hair and it gave Sirah the idea. She began growing it out - since she is just 4 years old and has thinner hair it took her longer but she finally finished! This week she was finally able to donate it, 10 inches, she was very excited.

She donated at an all day event where they were collecting many hundreds of ponytails to send in all together. That morning the only thing she wanted was to have her hair in a waterfall braid just one more time. So Serona put her hair in a braid one last time when she was four as she said. Then she went and got her hair cut - she was oh so serious the whole time, barely cracking a smile.

When she was done - she loved her haircut and keeps telling everyone that she donated 10 inches of hair for locks of love. Her face looks so different after she finished, she looks older somehow. When Rhiannon donated her hair I thought she looked younger. She has since been growing it back, she was glad she donated it but likes long hair better and will likely keep her hair long for awhile.

I am glad my kids have a heart for others and come up with creative ways to share that love with people, even those they will never meet.

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  1. great to see you back on-line. You have been very busy obviously catching up. The picture of my Sirah right after her haircut sent me over the edge. She looks like she aged overnight. I told her her uncle Tim was going to donate his hair and she said "but he's a Boy".

    I can't wait to have a catch with Ciaran and see him play ball. He told me he would have been on the Yankees if he had a choice but the coaches picked the teams. Even if that was for Grandpa's sake I love that Boy.

    I know Rhiannan must be a great help to you while you try to recover and I can't wait till I can see Granpa's little Angel again.

    Hope you are taking it easy and everything is fine with Serona. It is just great to open up the web site and see you have been busy.

    Family Forever