April 18, 2008

Tea Party

Last week Sirah had some little girls over for an afternoon tea and dress up party. It was really a sweet and lovely time. We had 6 little girls all in various dress up costumes. Rhiannon and her friend agreed to help out with the party and they began by giving each girl a "makeover" where they painted their nails, added some lip gloss and some body glitter. The little girls could not have been more delighted, especially the younger ones. Then they danced with play silks, switched costumes many times and prepared a little dance to perform.

We served tea, cookies and fruit. We had both a dairy and nut allergies to contend with so our cookie choices were more limited. To my amazement Oreos meet both of those standards and ended up being the favorites over the tea cookies. Strawberries and pears were also popular. No one asked for a drink other than tea to my amazement and they seemed to enjoy having it with cream and sugar.

Sirah was beaming and it was great for her to have some time that was about her and her friends. Being the youngest I think it makes it all the more special for her.

All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and while it tired me out some, having the older girls there was a tremendous help to me and Ciaran even helped out with making the tea and cookies and setting the table. It was well worth the effort to see the joy in the girls and see Sirah so happy.

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