April 3, 2008

To Go or Not to Go

That is the question. Trying to decide if we should take our kids to the upcoming Hawk Nelson concert, if we should wait and go to Sonshine or if they are just to young overall. All three of them can sing lyrics to many of their songs and we listen to them daily.

I thought about just taking Rhia but then Ciaran really will want to go and truthfully he probably enjoys them more than her. Then at that point shouldn't we just let Sirah come? Part of me thinks I should not even consider it given their ages. Then part of me admits it really would be fun to do as a family.

We thought long and hard last year about all going to Sonshine and decided they were too young and at that point it was more for the bands Serona and I liked. Since then though they have taken quite a liking to many of the bands that will play. I think it will be hard on Sirah and likely even the other two.

So am I crazy? Should we just stay home and listen to their music? Anyone take young children to concerts like these and what was your experience?

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  1. MN friend9:24 AM

    I took my then 3-yr old daughter to Sonshine 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. She and I both loved it. Thinking about taking my 6 yr old dd, 3 yr old ds and almost 9 month old ds this year. I just know I have to be flexible and fairly mobile if I go. My kiddos LOVE a number of the bands that play there since they listen to them in our car so much. We were fortunate and got a parking spot with our tailgate facing the main stage and when we got a little tuckered out or it got a little too loud, we walked back to the parking lot and hopped into the tailgate and hung out there, still able to hear the music just fine.