April 16, 2008

Surgery Results

Well I am home and recovering from recent surgery. What we thought would be a simple 5 day recovery has turned into something much more as the doctors discovered something unexpected during my procedure. I had a spontaneous tear in my peritoneal wall and the recovery for that is actually 6-8 weeks not 5-7 days.

Still it is good to know both that they have discovered and fixed the problem, even if I am still sore and have several weeks of really limited activity ahead of me. In some ways the most frustrating part is that this time will cover some of my favorite time in Minnesota, namely the month of May. Oh well at least I will be better for the summer.

I am very blessed with a community of support around me. We have already received meals and offers of help with our children and even laundry from neighbors and homeschool support group friends. Our families are all far away so this local support is so helpful to us. We feel very loved and supported from the friend who went to the hospital with us, to those watching our kids, to those who sent flowers and prayers and just notes of encouragement and reminders they are there for us. We really appreciate all of you!

I am posting picture results from my surgery here as you can see what they discovered and how they fixed it. If you are squeamish about human anatomy or medical stuff you will want to skip them. If not you can even enlarge them by clicking on them. What you are looking at is the shots taken from my laproscoopic surgery of my peritoneal wall and the organs around it - you can see the scar that resulted from the laser treatment. My kids think it is pretty cool they used a laser inside my body. Right now it hurts enough to realize they did.


  1. Oh my! That is much more than I wanted to see this morning. I did read about your surgery results over on the forums. I will keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery. And I'll help with some meals and things after I return from the conference this weekend. Love and blessings!

  2. Oh, Tenniel! I love you, but that is...eeeewwww!

    Glad you're home again and hope you're back to "normal" soon.

  3. I'm so glad they found the true source of the pain and it is fixed. Our prayers are with you on your recovery and a meal is in the works already.

  4. Sorry for the longer than expexted recovery. I am thrilled that hopefully this will help eliminate the paid however. I am sure my son (never consider him - son IN LAW)and grandkids are taking great care of you. In a very small way that helps the fact that I am not there.

    Family Forever

  5. Great pics! "Fearfully and wonderfully made!" Indeed! Heal well young Jedi-ette. :)
    Love--your Maine Pops