August 31, 2009

Moments of My Day

Today is one of those days that reminds me why we home school and that we really are just always learning, discussing and developing, even when it does not look like a traditional classroom and actually because of it.

This morning my day started with a cup of coffee and piece of crumb cake at the dinner table.  The kids had already had their breakfast but were not quite ready to start school.  Ciaran and Sirah were playing rounds of Guess Who in one of their bedrooms and temporarily getting along so I was enjoying letting that moment continue.  Maria decided to start an interesting conversation with me about science, religion, creationism, and evolution.  Yes she is 10 years old and I was taken aback by the length and depth of our conversation.

First subject for Sirah was math, we were learning division for the first time.  She tends to get scared off by what she thinks are big math terms and anything she has heard her siblings complain about.  Division sounded scary to her and her siblings complain often about long division, so math did not start on a good note.  I quickly showed her that she already does division all the time in her life, with treats and her siblings.  If I give you six cookies to split evenly how do you do that, how many do each you have?  Then we used real food to help demonstrate, that is always a highlight for the kids :)  I did not have chocolate chips so she had to settle for pretzel sticks, eating as many as she used for her examples.

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