June 6, 2006

Drama Camp Day Two

Today was day two of Rhiannon's drama camp. Today was my day off from the carpool so I did not attend at all. Here is a description of the days events according to Rhiannon. How accurate it is I have no idea. But I have empathy now for parents who try to get out of their kids "What did you learn in school today?" which I have never really experienced before. Here is her account.

They opened the day with prayer. They went over their lines in their individual charachter groups. Rhia (a mouse) practiced her lines with Cinderella and she said it went well.

Then they played some games. Some of the games they played were.
Follow the Drama - Their teacher said here is how you do x in drama and they all repeated it after her and did it themselves. For example Shout out in drama voice, in underwater voice, etc. The kids did this activity all together in a big group.

They also played a game she can't remember the name of which actions called things like Fox in the Hen House, Rooster on the hen house, food on the table, monkey in the tree, backpack, and bunk beds. These were all motions or actions that they played.

They learned about important things about being an actor. They worked on stage voices, practiced their song, and learned about the importance of being quiet and following directions on stage.

They talked about how the play would go and they practiced their lines all together by all the kids sitting in straight lines and sat quiet in prep work for sitting behind stage. That was hard for the kids. Rhia said she was thinking "I gotta go, I gotta go run, go play, go potty, go scream, I gotta go."

She said it was hard sometimes to be quiet and not laugh at the funny parts but how it was important so the people in the audience can hear the performance and not just them laughing.

She seems in good spirits and really enjoys the light up teeth she got as a gift there today. They also celebrated one of her friends birthday's today so they got additional treats which she always enjoys.

Not too long before it will be her writing these blog posts not me :)


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  1. That sounds like a pretty good camp.

    I like that they are teaching the kids to be respectful during other's performances. And the group exercises sounds like fun.

    My daughter Z has been in three different drama groups and loved playing the trust games and eventually the improv games, though those were hard for her at first.