June 23, 2006

Frog Update

The past two days have been exciting frog days here at our house. Yesterday one of our tadpoles finally got his back legs! We have had the tadpoles for just about 2 months now. We are down to just 4 - so we are watching the other three closely to see if we can see the transformation as it happens.

Ciaran being our local expert on frogs looked at the tank in the morning and said "Mom I think that one is going to get legs, those bumps are real big". He went off to VBS and upon his return we discovered that the tadpole had indeed grown his two back legs! Very exciting after watching them for 2 months.

This morning our neighbors came over bearing another gift. A Cope's tree frog, bright green. The little girl (about Sirah's age) was super excited. So we transferred the tadpoles from the terrarium (I had just transferred them there this morning) back to the fishbowl and put the tree frog into the terrarium. Ciaran immediately headed outside to find some bugs for his new frog.

Ciaran is positive it is the same frog we had a few weeks ago and released into the neighbors backyard (where it was discovered). Who am I to argue? He could very well be the same frog. It is definitely the same kind of frog. So once again we have a frog for awhile.

A mother's heart I have. As I went out this morning to the nearby pond filled with duckweed and pond scum. I climbed out on a rock, holding a tree branch with a big bucket and sifted through the muck to get some "fresh" pondwater for the tadpoles and tree frog. Carrying the bucket of water back I thought about how much I love my kids and what I do now that I never thought I would ever do.

More updates to come as the frogs grow.

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  1. Terri Henderman12:09 PM

    I know this isn't the "appropriate" blog to comment this on, but this is the most recent, so I figured it would be more likely to be noticed.

    I'm new to homeschooling and my children at just slightly older than yours. I originally chose to homeschool becuase of that my children were mimicing from other children at school ( who got it from the television). I utilize the internet to help with teaching and therefore have filters to help protect my children. I keep haveing the same old problem with the television though. I don't think its completely "evil" so I dont want to get rid of it and its hard to preview and watch everything before or with my children.

    Have you had issues with this? What do you think about television content?

    Post a blog about it.. I bet we'd all like to read.