June 17, 2006


Homeschooling is interesting because you will work in a variety of spaces. Just this past year we found we worked primarily at our kitchen table, our library table, the kids desks and montessori tables. In reevaluating our spaces for this upcoming year we made some changes.

We are big fans of the "freecycle" movement. Email or message boards where you list items you no longer need for free and people need to only pick them up. Over the years we have utilized these many times both to give away and to receive. This past week we freecycled our Montessori tables and desks and we received a traditional school table similar to this one.

It is large, about 6 foot by 4 foot and it takes up a good chunk of our schooling space. Still it makes the room look and feel cleaner to have just one table instead of the 4 items we had before. It serves the purpose of all of those and we can all sit around the table at the same time with plenty of space. Tonight we played board games and colored on it. It was perfect. A good height for the kids and high enough for Serona and I. Due to the shape everyone could see the board game better and their supplies were at hand when they wanted to color.

Of course we will still end up at the kitchen table from time to time, I mean it is right next to the food and where I prepare the food which I feel is what I do all day long during the school year. The library offers a nice quiet spot for a kid to escape to from the chaos of their siblings. Yet this new workspace offers the multi-functionality we wanted in a workspace and the benefit of everyone being able to comfortably sit and work at it at the same time. I'll report back in a year.

Where do you work?

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  1. We are usually at the kitchen table, or laying on the living room floor reading.