June 20, 2006

Summer Days

Summer days have a rhythm all of their own. This summer especially we have spent little time in the car. We are a one car family. In order for me and the kids to have the car for the day we have to drive Serona to and from work. This means getting up early and double gas money and mileage. So we have been experimenting with not having the car often. It has been easier than I thought.

We still get out quite a bit. Just yesterday, sans car, we went to two banks, the library and the pool. We walked a good bit and we rode the bus some. The only downside was we had to follow someone else's schedule to a point as we were limited by the times the bus ran to and from our destinations.

We are able to do many things without a car due to where we live and our willingness to walk, bike ride and use public transportation. Yes it is easier to drive, but sometimes it is nicer when we walk or bike and it is certainly better for our health.

Of course I always grew up this way. I am from New York and even when we lived in the suburbs as I got older we still walked, biked and took the trains often. To this day my father, and many of my relatives take a train and sometimes a bus every day to work. So I appreciate and respect public transportation. I also appreciate that we choose a home in a walking friendly neighborhood. Groceries, banks, library, post office, ice cream, and so on all are bikable for us. For that I am thankful.

We are still doing usual summer things: beach, pool, sprinkler, parks, hikes, nature walks, library, reading, catching frogs, playing in the yard, biking and so on. In many ways not have the car has freed us to do these things more.

Occasionally I miss the car as I can not decide. Let's go to the zoo, arborteum, Fort Snelling, or the museum today and then just go. Still all in all this is giving us a freedom to just be at home and enjoy what is right here with us and decreasing our need or even desire to eat out. Hope you are enjoying your summer as well.


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