July 17, 2006

Robins Day One

We have decided to keep a daily log of the robins until they fly out of the nest. For those new to this post we found a robin's nest under the corner of our deck and have been observing it since before the eggs were laid.

Today the eggs hatched. We checked the nest at 6:30am and discovered that two of the eggs had hatched and only one remained. Later this afternoon we discovered that the last egg had hatched and we took these pictures and some video clips.

Rhiannon made the observation of how the mother robin approached the nest had changed. Now she flew around in two circles observing for predators before approaching her nest. She also appeared to be keeping a close eye on us as we looked at the nest. I will not let the kids touch or disturb the nest in any way so we have to climb up to get a look at the babies.

The kids were not surprised at how the babies looked because they had seen pictures before. I think if we had not known ahead of time they would have been surprised that the babies were not soft and cuddly and cute. Instead they were prepared and excited for them. They especially enjoyed seeing the babies open their beaks.

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