July 18, 2006

Robins Day Two

First thing this morning the kids got up to check on the robins and were happy to report they are doing just fine. I came out a bit later and snapped this photo. We noticed much more activity today with the robins continually looking for food and making more noises. They also appear to already have more feathers than yesterday. They still look so helpless and have a cuteness to their own.

Today we got glimpses of the father robin as well as the mother. We watched them work together to gather food for the babies and the father brings the food to them more often. We noticed the father is thinner and a slightly different color than the mother. Also the father has a different way he approaches the nest. He flies directly under the deck but lands on the rail next to the nest, looks around and then flies into the nest. The mother is still making two full circles around before flying under the deck and into the nest. We think in general the father is spending more time with the nest during the day than the mother is. In the evening the mother is still sleeping on the nest.

Rhiannon had a birthday party today and the girls all took turns looking at the robins nest and several went back over and over again to visit them. Our kids spent much time looking at the robins and the first thing they tell someone is about the robins nest and take them out to see the baby robins. It is great to see them so excited about robins. This morning Rhiannon and I spent quite a bit of time reading up on robins online and learning all we could. Tomorrow we hope to get to the library to get out some books specifically about robins.

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