September 20, 2006

Back to Good

Today was our first really good school day this year. The kind you really enjoy having. Most of that was because I started the "fun" stuff with Ciaran and Sirah, I really love doing Letter of the Week lessons and making them fun - preschool and kindergarten just has such fun things to do.

We are studying the Letter A this week and have gone apple picking and made an apple pie and made apple paintings with the star in the middle of the apple. We are learning about Adam and the apple, Noah's Ark, apples and amphibians. Today we got out our "sound boxes" - each Sirah and Ciaran have a basket they collect items in for the letter of the week. Rhiannon helped Sirah and I helped Ciaran search around the house for items that started with the letter A.

Some items in their baskets were: apples, Adam, arachnids, amphibians, apes, Ariel, aardvark, asparagus, artichoke, art, airplane, astronaut, letter A, and Aslan.

I have a big posterboard where I tape our themes - The letter of the week (A), the number of the week (0), the shape of the week (triangle), the bible story of the week (Adam and the Apple), the theme of the week (apples), and the vocabulary word (anatomy). I have colored pictures taped to the board and then they go in the binder at the end of the week along with any other work they did. We talk about those each day and we go through our letter boxes each day. We also painted with apples today.

It was a fun and good day. Rhiannon helped "teach" some things and enjoyed painting her own picture in addition to her own work. I am glad to be back in the swing of Letter of the week again.


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