September 21, 2006

P.E. in the Garage

Due to the rain and crazy kids we had PE in the garage. Having a two car garage with no car in it actually gave us a pretty good space to play in. The temperature was nice and we opened the door slightly for extra light and a breeze. I put blue paint tape on the floor to make a court for in bounds and out of bounds. We also used an extra deck plank for a balance beam and to divide the court when we needed. We also used a blow-up beach ball, scooter and a timer.

We played balance beam games, follow the leader, jumping games and several ball games. We played a version of volleyball, keep up in the air and monkey in the middle. It was modified at times to meet the ages of our kids but everyone was moving and laughing and enjoying themselves (me included). Before it started raining the kids ran some laps in our backyard - it takes them about a minute to run one lap along the perimeter of our fence, our yard has a nice hill that provides up and down hill working as well. They also did some jumping jacks and push-ups in the house.

This is unusual for us I have never tried to do anything formal with them but I find they really need to release the energy in the middle of the day and Rhiannon especially needs to be more active and build up some endurance. I am trying to think ahead for another Minnesota winter and plans to keep them active. Any equipment to purchase and preplan for. We also belong to a gym but unfortunately most of the kids activities you have to pay extra for. They have a rock wall and pool which we use regularly and basketball courts and racquetball courts we use on occasion (generally for running and other balls games then what they are intended for). We also have a mini trampoline that gets a lot of good use during the winter and are contemplating adding a kids weight punching bag to our garage this year especially for Ciaran.

What do you find your kids and you enjoy doing to keep physically active when you are generally housebound? Any great activities and PE type things you do regularly with your kids or items you think are great to purchase (like the mini-trampoline worth it's weight in gold for us). Please share your ideas here or point me to resources you enjoy!



  1. I was going to suggest a mini-trampoline! I don't know. We're so rarely housebound because it doesn't get that cold here. Maybe you could get some kids yoga videos. Indoor obstacle courses.

  2. Actually the *dog* is one of our best in-the-house exercise tools. Wrestling the dog, chasing the dog, getting chased by the dog -- these activities seem to leave everyone in a panting, happy heap and are almost always accompanied by shrieks of maniacal laughter. Of course, our dog is only 10 months old, so he has a lot of energy himself, and also a lot of tolerance for being chased endlessly by a baby pushing a doll stroller. Hehehe. :D :D :D