September 19, 2006

Oliver Kelly Farm

We began this week with a field trip to the Oliver Kelly Farm. It was a cold and rainy day, certainly not an ideal day for a field trip to an outdoor farm. Half of our group cancelled at the last minute for a variety of reasons that was the best decision for their families. This brought our group numbers from 66 to 34 but we still had a great time at the location.

The group broke up into two age groups splitting around the age of 9. All three of my kids were in the younger group which made it easy for me to be with all of them. The groups each visited four stations at the farm and did age appropriate tasks for that part of the farm.

We began inside the house in the kitchen. The kids prepared to get things ready to cook. Some went to get ingredients, others ground coffee (the youngest toddlers included), some carried firewood and others helped stir the items together. They learned about what was different from the way we cook today and from our modern day kitchens.

Next we headed out to the fields where the kids helped cut doen corn husks and pile them into bales. The oldest in our group got to use the scythe , Rhiannon included. Ciaran was upset he did not get to use that especially since the farmer mentioned it was a boy job but he was letting a girl try it out. Ciaran did get to tie the bundle together though.

Next we moved to the garden. By this time Sirah had fallen asleep (I scheduled it right over her naptime - you would think I would know better). I had brought the double stroller though and laid her down in it to sleep. The kids went out into the field and learned a bit about planting and harvesting. They helped harvest and eat yellow tomatoes and a type of melon.

Finally we went to the barn where they got to feed touch and see several different kinds of animal and learn about the animals and how they would be cared for and their jobs on the farm.

The kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves and the moms even had some time to socialize and get to know one another. We had several new families join us on the trip which is always exciting and fun.


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