September 13, 2006

What we study

I find this question easier to answer than how we school. I suppose we loosely follow a classical curriculum but tend much closer to Charlotte Mason in style and timing. We cover all the main subjects we need to for our state plus all the extra ones we want to give our children and we try to keep it close to half day schooling leaving plenty of time for everything else enriching we want to do.

So here is the basic curriculum we will be using this fall.

Second Grade Curriculm

Reading - Ambleside Online Year One and Two Books, non-fiction to fit our studies and additional classics we choose.
Math - Miquon blue and green workbooks
Copywork - bible verses, poetry, letter writing and cursive handwriting practice
Language Arts - First Language Lessons, Explode the Code
Bible - Day by Day Bible and devotional
History - Story of the World Vol II
Science - Apologia Creation Botany, nature journal
Music - studying works of one composer per quarter (per ambleside)
Art - study works of a great artist per quarter (per ambleside), beginner art techniques
Latin - Prima Latina

For Ciaran we are using

Phonics - Phonics Pathways and Explode the Code
Reading - Bob Books and Primary Phonics readers
Math - Miquon - orange and red
Letters - we follow one letter a week and pick themes and read books centered around the letter and plan our activities around that letter. This is fun and the primary focus of what we do.
Bible - ABC bible activites to correspond with letter of the week and teach main bible stories.

Sirah tends to join in with some of Ciaran's stuff as she is interested.

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