October 25, 2006

Beowulf Narration

We read a shortened version of the Beowulf poem for history today as we begin our move into the Middle Ages. We have spent nearly the whole beginning of this year in Ancient Rome and Greece up until the fall of Rome so it is nice to be slowly moving on to something else. We still are talking about the Celts and barbarians. I really enjoy sharing history as a chronological story - it just makes so much sense to do it this way.

Here is Rhiannon's narration after hearing Beowulf
Once there was a hall where men came and feasted and slept near the wall. But in the middle of the night a monster named Grendel came in and munched on a man and took 15 more and was gone. They were so scared that they called a great man named Beowulf and this is what Beowulf said when the king asked him if there was anything he needed. "I do not need sharper swords, I don't need anything. Because the beast has no weapons only claws and teeth. So I will fight with my bare hands otherwise I will be bored." So when Grendel came in in the night Beowulf took his arm and twisted it off. The great Grendel ran and fell in a pool and got himself drowned. Everyone else feasted in that great hall. They hung up his arm very high and stayed there until the evening was old.

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