October 18, 2006

Multitasking family

Some days we look back and wonder how we got so much accomplished in a single day and then other days we wonder where all the time went. Today was one of those good days where you get a lot done and then try to figure out how you did it. For us it is on days when we multitask that we seem to get the most done.

Multi-tasking is just part of my makeup - it is how I function and it is why I learned to knit and crochet. My hands just seem to always need to be doing something and I always have a desire to be productive in some way. Knitting provided a wonderful solution to that. This afternoon I realized that I have passed this on to my kids and I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

We had finished school and naps and even exercised all together but the day was winding down and we still had things we needed to do and wanted to do and they were all different things not related to each other. I decided a little multi-tasking chaotic approach might be the best solution.

We headed upstairs to our living room which is also right near our kitchen and our dining room table - we have an open floor plan which I love making all those rooms easy to work in at the same time. I brought up four baskets of clean laundry that needed to be folded (yes I know I should fold and put away as it comes out - but at least it is clean and laundry is NOT my strong suit). I started boiling water for dinner and got out the ingredients I needed. I stopped by the computer and turned on Mozart's Piano Concerto #20 which is the classical music piece we are studying now. I mentioned it to the kids and began folding laundry onto our couch - we have a big L shaped couch in our living room.

Meanwhile Rhiannon was working on her mending. I can't believe I am writing that sentence because I do not know how to mend or sew anything. She took matters into her own hands after waiting patiently for several months (blush) for me to fix one of her favorite skirts and a hole in her stuffed unicorn. She got out a needle and thread and decided it could not be that hard to sew. She was right of course - it is not perfect but atleast her unicorn is repaired and she can wear her skirt again (before it no longer fits) and truthfully it probably looks about as good as I could have managed. She sat on the couch and listened to the music and talked to me and asked for help as she worked on her sewing.

Ciaran was sitting at the dining room table working on drawing the American flag for his Awana work and listening to the music - you can hear him hum or tap to a beat as he works. He worked quietly and diligently and got his work done quickly.

Sirah kind of floated from thing to thing. She was in the kitchen playing with her phonics refrigerator magnets that sing the songs - which I must admit does detract from Mozart but we all sort of learn to tune it out and it was not that loud. At another point she brought out the little lapharp and was trying to strum along to the music she was listening to. She also sat on the floor with her Awana book in her lap just looking at the pictures and making up stories about it.

I spent my time divided between laundry, answering and helping with sewing questions, encouraging and praising Sirah and checking in on Ciaran. I stopped occasionally to do the next things necessary for dinner and to move laundry into the dryer again. By the time we were done in less than an hour we had 4 loads of laundry folded and put away, a mended stuffed unicorn and most of the seam of a dress sewn, an Awana jewel done, listened to a Mozart concerto, dinner was mostly made and four happy family members. Not a bad way to spend an hour right before dinner. Everyone got along and everyone got their work or the things they wanted to do done.

Now if I can just learn from this and apply these lessons with regularity than maybe moments like this won't be rare but regular and the 4pm hour can be pleasant instead of the chaotic and unhappy time it can easily slip into. Well here is to one good day atleast!

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