October 22, 2006

Rhiannon's Second Grade Reading List

Here I am keeping track of the books Rhiannon reads both for school and pleasure. I am not keeping track of picture/story books but chapter books and non-fiction books she reads. I will update it throughout the year. While she is in second grade her reading level is much higher so some of these books would not work as independent reading for a typical second grader, though many will. All versions are unabridged unless noted.


Hans Brinker Great Illustrated Classics abridged version
Ginger Pye - Eleanor Estes
Matilda - Roald Dahl
Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine
Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie

Little House in Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder
On the Banks of Plum Creek - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Farmer Boy - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Vin Fiz - Clive Cusler (family read aloud)
The Charm Bracelet - Emily Rodda

The The Flower Fairies - Emily Rodda
The Third Wish - Emily Rodda
Felicity's Story Collection - Valerie Tripp

Life and Times of Cleopatra and the Egyptians - Andrew Langley
Ancient Roman Children - Richard Tames
Ancient Greek Children - Richard Tames
Roman Myths Retold - Geraldine McCaughreon
The Celts of Northern Europe - Kathyryn Hinds

History in Art Ancient Egypt - Andrew Langley
Samantha's Story Collection - Susan Adler, Maxine Schur and Valerie Tripp
Kaya's Story Collection - Janet Shaw
The Lost Fairy Apple Tree - Emily Rodda
The Magic Key - Emily Rodda

The Unicorn - Emily Rodda
THe Star Cloak - Emily Rodda
The Water Sprites - Emily Rodda
Kirsten's Story Collection - Janet Shaw

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