November 8, 2006

American Girl party

The party went very well. The girls had a great time and I would do it again. We ended up with 28 girls between the ages of 7 and 11. The first movie went well they all snuggled up together and sat still to watch the Felicity movie. We did not have snacks for the first movie because we got a late start. We stopped for snacks and the girls were like locusts. They came and cleared out the table. But they did it politely and with nearly no mess at all. They each brought down a bag of popcorn or pretzels and filled their water bottles (with tops) before they went down to the second movie. The second movie went well but some of the girls had a hard time keeping their concentration that long. We had space for them to play quietly but it was distracting for some.

If you decide to do this for your kids, I highly recommend it. A few things I learned and would recommend. Name tags for the girls and name tags for their dolls (we had like 6 Elizabeth dolls and several of the other ones) - I also recommended they take off shoes or losable items to minimize losing items or people taking home the wrong ones. I also really liked the covered water bottle idea - as we had no spills at all. We also asked people to bring snacks so we had variety and the girls seemed to like this. Lastly, I would limit it to one movie and do two seperate nights rather than one double feature night. It just got too long for some of the girls.

What fun though! Having a movie night is easy and fun. Making it an American girl movie night seemed to make it more special for the girls. Can't wait for Molly to come out so we can do it again.


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