November 22, 2006

A New York Minute

Serona has spent the past few weeks in New York City on a business trip. His company actually flew us out to New York to spend a week with him. The kids and I have been here a few days now and having a great time.

We went to the Long Island Aquarium. It was smaller than I expected but we had a great time. We have been enjoying visiting with my parents and the kids have had plenty of quiet play time here.

The kids and Serona went ice skating in Bryant Park while Sirah and I and grandpa watched and drank apple cider. We were there for the unveiling of Macy's Christmas windows - it was magical for the kids to see. We walked around the city and had some good pizza at a little place we found along the way.

Last night Serona and I went out to dinner at Artisinal Bistro with his boss - and had some wonderful cheese and wine pairings. Then I stayed in the city with him and the kids stayed with my parents.

We are headed to the Thanksgiving Day Parade, to the Museum of Natural History and to see Rockfeller center, FAO and other Christmas moments in NYC. We are also enjoying a nice visit with my parents and get to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family for the first time in more than a decade! All is good here in NY. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your families.


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