November 14, 2006

Rock the Wall

I have to admit it I am in awe of my children when they climb the rock walls. They are so brave and have no sense of fear. The first time we approached a rock wall they just went right up to the top and rang the bell, Ciaran was just 5 and Rhiannon 6. I was impressed considering they were doing something I would not even attempt. I will admit it looks fun and interesting and challenging and I like the fact that it is both physical and mental and an individual challenge. However I have inherited my fathers preference to avoid heights whenever possible and I simply do not have the trust my children do that a rope is going to hold me up.

I watch them approach the wall and stay determined to reach the top and figure out the puzzles. I have watched them use auto-belays and have a real person belay them as well. They take a different approach depending on which system they are using. Their determination is stronger when they have a person belaying them as they can take a rest and re approach the wall differently and have support when they reach that tough spot. With an auto belay they are more likely to release and start over again. Still they have the determination to approach that wall again and again no matter how many times it seems they can not reach the top. The faith and determination of a child is really an example to us all. They have such trust in the person supporting them and in themselves to accomplish their goals. They leave fear behind or at least overcome it on the wall and I watch their confidence grow.

Tonight as I sat in Rhia's lessons I watched her confidence grow. I watched her strength grow and watched her rock climbing skills improve. I watched her determination and her enjoyment of the activity. She climbed four walls while I watched and she reached the top of three - the one she missed she did not re approach because her hands were tired and sore and she needed a break she told me. She rested and took on a harder wall which she accomplished. I am glad she has the opportunity to rock climb with regularity and that it is a sport in which she finds enjoyment. There are so many life lessons she can learn here at the wall, skills that will serve her well in all areas of her life. And she is having fun!

Often when a child climbs a wall they will receive a sticker that says "I rocked the wall" and how true that is. I love watching my kids Rock the Wall and all that represents. If you have never tried it with your own kids - do so!


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