November 9, 2006

It's Great to Be Five!

Ciaran is having an incredible year of being five. I can hardly believe all the things that he has accomplished and learned just this year. He has learned to tie his shoes, read, swim, add, subtract, and write his letters. He went to Disney World and California. He hiked up a mountain, swam in the ocean, was in a wedding and started kindergarten. He developed a love for singing and for video games. He made the decision to accept Christ into his heart and we have watched his faith mature through the year.

Overall it has been an amazing year of growth for him. He is still a little boy to be sure. He still has lots of energy but he is learning how to channel and control it more. Watching him discipline himself to learn to read has been especially meaningful. When Ciaran puts his mind to something he is easily able to accomplish it because he has a determination and tenacity that is impressive in a young child. It has to be his idea or desire though for that spirit to kick in. But wow the results are amazing when it applies.

Schooling him is very time consuming but also very rewarding. We have seen a lot of transition in him in just these few months. He makes me smile a lot and also experience a full range of emotions each day. He can be my easiest student or my most challenging and there is little rhyme or reasons to it that we can discover yet.

I love the age of 5. They still want to please you. They still are so curious about everything and have a natural curiosity and desire to learn. Learning is just fun and interesting. I also love the way 5 year olds look at the world and the questions they ask. Each day Ciaran makes me smile and makes me proud. He is definitely having a great year.

Enjoy your kids,

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