October 25, 2008

Day in the Life of a 7 year old boy

Thought for something different I would blog today just about Ciaran and his day. He woke up well before the rest of us, got dressed, ate cereal, finished his Star Wars book and convinced his sisters to play a game of Blokus with him all before I even got out of bed.

Immediately upon waking he asked if he could play a video game, if I would play a board game with him or play anything with him. Not fully functional or awake yet he realized that was a hopeless cause and went to find someone else to be with and do something with.

We headed off to the local gym for weekly swim lessons. Unfortunately Ciaran could not finish his swim lessons as he has 10 stitches in his arm from last week. He was whittling a stick, missed the stick and whittled his arm with the knife instead. I took the girls to their swim lessons and Serona took Ciaran to a local pond for a nature hike. They had a really nice time together and Ciaran found a frog, a tiny peeper frog. Could he possibly have been any happier? Thinking they were all hibernating already he was very surprised and happy.

They picked us up at the gym and we headed to our local campaign office to meet and have a picture taken with Senator Coleman from Minnesota. There were a fair amount of kids in the office but we had prepped our kids ahead of time about the kind of behavior we expected. They were all very good especially Ciaran even when he saw other boys his age running around the office he stayed with us and was very good. Rewarded with candy from the office he was content.

We stopped on the way home to deliver a lawn sign and he preferred to run the two blocks home then to get back in the car. Upon arriving home he wanted to play again. He kept himself occupied in the backyard with swings and then hitting a wiffle ball and running after it. Next we had a catch together until he could catch and throw accurately 100 throws, he does love baseball. Next it was time for basketball - first several games of HORSE and then 3 one on one games. I was tired, he was not.

He kept playing basketball by himself for awhile, rode his bike some and then ended up in the backyard on the trampoline for awhile. He then told me how there was absolutely nothing for him to do since no one would do anything with him at that moment. Every suggestion made was denied for some reason or another until he realized I really was not going to get up and play with him (Sirah was asleep on my lap on the deck) and I was not going to let him have screen time while it was nearly 60 and sunny out (knowing there are precious few days left). He wandered off and convinced Maria to do something with him I think and then the two of them talked Serona into a game of The Hobbit, which lasted several hours.

I made one of his favorite dinners, black beans on a tostada with mexican cheese. Serona and Sirah had made brownies earlier in the day (while we were playing sports in the yard) so he enjoyed that treat. Bath time and now they are upstairs dancing to Soul Coughing all together. Likely he will do some reading before bed from either Encyclopedia Brown or the Capitol Mystery series.

There you have it Saturday as experienced by Ciaran our 7 year old energetic and very social son. Not a perfect day for him in his mind I am sure since he did not get to see friends beyond his family and he had no video game time. Still overall a good day I think.

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  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Neat post...yep, you do have a very typical, active 7 year old boy!!