October 13, 2008

A Full day

We started with driving Serona to work and then headed home to start school. Teaching multiplication of two digits to a 4th grader, addition to a kindergartner, hieroglyphics and cuneiform to a 1st grader among other things. It was a typical Monday filled with moments of resistance to reentry to school. In the end a solid day of school which we finished by about 1pm.

Then an afternoon of girls group here. A rainy day ruined our horseback riding plans to be replaced by an afternoon of charades, Mario Kart, and makeovers for the girls. How much glitter and nail polish can they use along with creative hairstyles with many random ponytails. The laughter and volume was quite high but they had a very enjoyable time.

Pick up Serona from work where the kids worked on their rock collection waiting for him to come out of the building. Then the kids had dinner and an evening with dad at home while I headed off to the campaign headquarters for some voter Identification calling and some GOTV (Get out the vote planning). Headed home for some Guinness and watching reruns of the West wing while I catch up on news and blogging.

I have two current countdowns going for me now: 23 days to the election and 9 days to my new G1 phone arrival! Hope all is well with you.

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